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By tomte76
#10910 Hi Athena,

thank you for your feeback. I reactivated my old WIFI router. It is a Linksys/Cisco WAG54G2. The problem is not reproduceable using the Linksys-Router. Everything works stable even if I set the modul to mode 1 using


I'm testing on

AT version:0.22.b1.0
SDK version:0.9.6(b1)

If I switch back to the Apple Airport Express the problem is back. If I reboot the module while it is set to mode 1 the ping will stop after a while. Regardless if I use AT+RST or HW-Reset or powercycle. The module then needs to be reset to ping again but it will again stop after a short period of time. So the problem seems to be related to the Airport Express.
The workaround I posted for nodemcu also works on AT firmware. If I set the mode to 3 before reverting it to 1 the module established a stable connection most of the time. As the firmware seems to save the connection settings you need to be fast switching after reboot as it seems not to work any more after the problem occured.

I also tried the nodemcu dev096 branch from github. With the same results as described above.

Can I do any testing or provide any information to track down the problem with the Airport Express? It would be great to use all my ESP modules with no workaround on my Airport Express :)
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By Athena
#10946 Hi,

could you provide more information about the settings of your Apple Airport Espress , like the picture.

or if you can use wireshark to capture logs will be even better..
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By tomte76
#11038 Hi Athena,

thank you for taking care. Here are the screenshots of the airport configuration. Firmware version is 7.6.4. The version of the AirPort-Dienstprogramm (AirPort Utility) is 6.3.4 on OSX Yosemite. In post #10369 I already posted some tcpdump output regarding the problem. And I can use wireshark either on the LAN or even on the Mac-Book in the same WIFI as the ESP8266. Just instruct me what to capture and if you preferre raw dump or screenshots. The modules I am testing with are ESP01 with an ESP8266EX.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-01 um 18.44.01.png
AirPort 1

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-01 um 18.44.20.png
AirPort 2