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By freedom2000
#10242 Hi all,

I haven't yet received my device but taken the time to read a lot from this great forum.

I have an application which needs a "high" throughput from the device. Highest baud rates are a must for me...

I have currently tested a HLK-RM04 up to 230400 bauds and it works... but not speedy enough !

It seems that the ESP8266 is delivered at 115200 bauds.

Is it possible to increase this value (and how ?) ?
What are the various speed offered ?

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By pvvx
freedom2000 wrote:Hi all,What are the various speed offered ?
The maximum speed of 80MHz UART divider.
I/O pins UART about 20MBaud. More 20Mbaud signal is distorted - due to the low frequency clk I/O port.
Tested on 3MBaud with FT2232C. More FullSpeed USB2.0 can not.