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By EnfRoll
#10251 Is there anyone who connects the accelerometer MPU6050 to ESP8266 via I2C?
I have success with SSD1306 display, but MPU6050 is really hard :shock:
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By bluesman
#10534 Hi !

I also want to connect the MPU6050 to the ESP8266.
As I'm just starting with the ESP can you explain how you connected the MPU to the ESP ?

Many thanks in advance !

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By Zamfir
#10863 I have some MPU6050 units lying around, and some ESP8266 units in the mail. I might try to connect them together.

There is a library for Arduino, this guy has done the hard work of figuring out all the relevant bytes to send. ... no/MPU6050

My plan for now is to use the nodemcu api for i2c, and translate some parts of the Arduino library to a lua library for the esp8266. That library contains multitudes of options, I'll focus on the handful of basics that I need.

If other people are interested, we could perhaps work together. Naturally, I am open to suggestions for a different approach.