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By lucasromeiro
#74565 Hi, I have an update routine from my program that takes the code from my website and burns!
but I updated my site and now it's https //
after that I can no longer update my program, even changing my command!

before I updated it like this:
t_httpUpdate_return ret = ESPhttpUpdate.update(;

now I've changed to be correct, but it does not work!
t_httpUpdate_return ret = ESPhttpUpdate.update("", "", "93 C0 16 C3 C7 64 72 6E 49 64 82 B9 97 DE 7E A6 18 D8 57 39");

accuse the error: HTTP_UPDATE_FAILD Error (-106): Verify Bin Header Failed

Hardware: ESP8266-12E (node mcu)
v: 2.4.1
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By martinayotte
#74719 ESPhttpUpdate is using ESP8266HTTPClient which is using WiFiClient not WiFiSecureClient, therefore no HTTPS ...
You will need to create some kind of ESP8266HTTPSecureClient along with ESPhttpsUpdate to do that.