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By pknoe3lh
#75722 Thanks for the answers!

I did not get any email notification so my response is a little bit late ...

Yes i placed it as close as possible to the rotational axis ;-)

I decaped one but i could not see any damaged. Maybe microcracks or just cheap soldering and components.
The other ESP8266 is working still without problems :-)

I'm actual finished!

If you live in Vienna I will display this project on the Maker Faire ( STAND E84

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By gmaillogin
#82675 I think the former is more likely though, and if that's the case, placing the module as close to the rotation axis as possible (where the forces are smallest) might just do the trick.
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By jameslite
#83683 I'm guessing that's a damage in radio circuitry. Passive components, which you fave a few under the shield, can probably get detached due to the stress, or it can be due to operating the radio in relatively strong EM field. A motor is essentially a bunch of electromagnets, after all.