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By alexartd
#76415 Hello My NodeMCU works for a lot of hours with no problems, it is connected to wifi, have a webserver, adjust rtc by NTP server and write and read from SPIFFS. All works well until for unknown reason it restarts with exception 29. Here there is Stack trace. I don't know how I can understand where it fails in the code. I've program counter epc1=0x40229a5c but how I can use it to determine where is the point in the code where it fails ? In the stack trace I can't see any of my personal functions. Can anyone help me ? Many thanks

Exception (29):
epc1=0x40229a5c epc2=0x00000000 epc3=0x00000000 excvaddr=0x00000000 depc=0x00000000

ctx: sys
sp: 3ffffc70 end: 3fffffb0 offset: 01a0

3ffffe10: 00000004 3fff6c24 3ffeff20 00000001
3ffffe20: 40101be1 3ffeff20 3fff06a8 3ffefc50
3ffffe30: fffffffc 2579fa12 3fff09d0 3fff6c24
3ffffe40: 3fff391c 00000000 3fff3918 40229b0d
3ffffe50: 4022ce76 3ffec1b4 3fff3918 4022d078
3ffffe60: 00000000 3ffffe90 3ffecd6c 00000001
3ffffe70: 3ffec1b4 3ffec1b4 3fff3918 4022d0a6
3ffffe80: 3fff44dc 3fff3918 3fff39d0 4022f2d3
3ffffe90: c0a80001 40101f8c 3fffc200 00000022
3ffffea0: 00000000 000000f9 3fff6c5e 3fff39f6
3ffffeb0: 000000f5 3fff39d0 000000f0 00000004
3ffffec0: 00000004 00000004 00000000 3fff6c24
3ffffed0: 00000224 3fff0780 00000000 3fff6c24
3ffffee0: 3fff3a00 3fff6c56 3fff4524 3fff6c24
3ffffef0: 3fff3a00 3fff6c56 3fff4524 4022d338
3fffff00: 00000001 00000043 3fff3918 00000000
3fffff10: 00000000 0000024e 3fffff80 3fff6c42
3fffff20: 3fff3918 3fff6c24 3fff3a00 40230804
3fffff30: 00000014 00000001 0000007f 3fff3918
3fffff40: 3fffdc80 3fff3ebc 3fff6714 3fff3f34
3fffff50: 00000008 3fff3918 3fff6c24 40229e71
3fffff60: 3fffdc80 3fff3ebc 3fff6714 4010453c
3fffff70: 4024741a 3fff3ebc 3fff6714 4024742c
3fffff80: 3fff6c34 3fff6c24 00000000 3fffdcc0
3fffff90: 40242307 00000000 3fff6714 4024938f
3fffffa0: 40000f49 3fffdab0 3fffdab0 40000f49

ets Jan 8 2013,rst cause:2, boot mode:(3,3)

load 0x4010f000, len 1384, room 16
tail 8
chksum 0x2d
csum 0x2d

Exception 29: StoreProhibited: A store referenced a page mapped with an attribute that does not permit stores
Decoding 19 results
0x40229a5c: glue2esp_ifup at /local/users/gauchard/arduino/arduino_esp8266/origin/tools/sdk/lwip2/builder/glue-esp/lwip-esp.c line 757 (discriminator 1)
0x40101be1: trc_NeedRTS at ?? line ?
0x40229b0d: netif_sta_status_callback at /local/users/gauchard/arduino/arduino_esp8266/origin/tools/sdk/lwip2/builder/glue-lwip/lwip-git.c line 303
0x4022ce76: pbuf_copy_partial at /local/users/gauchard/arduino/arduino_esp8266/origin/tools/sdk/lwip2/builder/lwip2-src/src/core/pbuf.c line 1306
0x4022d078: netif_set_ipaddr at /local/users/gauchard/arduino/arduino_esp8266/origin/tools/sdk/lwip2/builder/lwip2-src/src/core/netif.c line 711
0x4022d0a6: netif_set_netmask at /local/users/gauchard/arduino/arduino_esp8266/origin/tools/sdk/lwip2/builder/lwip2-src/src/core/netif.c line 711
: (inlined by) netif_set_addr_LWIP2 at /local/users/gauchard/arduino/arduino_esp8266/origin/tools/sdk/lwip2/builder/lwip2-src/src/core/netif.c line 359
0x4022f2d3: dhcp_handle_nak at /local/users/gauchard/arduino/arduino_esp8266/origin/tools/sdk/lwip2/builder/lwip2-src/src/core/ipv4/dhcp.c line 836
: (inlined by) dhcp_recv at /local/users/gauchard/arduino/arduino_esp8266/origin/tools/sdk/lwip2/builder/lwip2-src/src/core/ipv4/dhcp.c line 1777
0x40101f8c: wDev_ProcessFiq at ?? line ?
0x4022d338: udp_input at /local/users/gauchard/arduino/arduino_esp8266/origin/tools/sdk/lwip2/builder/lwip2-src/src/core/udp.c line 463
0x40230804: ip4_input at /local/users/gauchard/arduino/arduino_esp8266/origin/tools/sdk/lwip2/builder/lwip2-src/src/core/ipv4/ip4.c line 679
0x40229e71: ethernet_input_LWIP2 at /local/users/gauchard/arduino/arduino_esp8266/origin/tools/sdk/lwip2/builder/lwip2-src/src/netif/ethernet.c line 182
0x4010453c: esp2glue_ethernet_input at /local/users/gauchard/arduino/arduino_esp8266/origin/tools/sdk/lwip2/builder/glue-lwip/lwip-git.c line 433
0x4024741a: ethernet_input at /local/users/gauchard/arduino/arduino_esp8266/origin/tools/sdk/lwip2/builder/glue-esp/lwip-esp.c line 357
0x4024742c: ethernet_input at /local/users/gauchard/arduino/arduino_esp8266/origin/tools/sdk/lwip2/builder/glue-esp/lwip-esp.c line 365
0x40242307: ppPeocessRxPktHdr at ?? line ?
0x4024938f: ets_snprintf at ?? line ?