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By ajinkya_w
#76551 Hi Guys i have developed a program for esp8266 to connect to any wifi station by providing SSID and password. I am using mDNS to find the device when its in AP Mode. but when in STA mode i cannot find it with the mDNS.
I am using websocket to communicate with the device , but here i need to know the IP address of the esp and then i can communicate with it.
What i want to achieve here is , I want to access the esp without knowing its IP address when it is connected to the network i am in. Also i cannot set a static ip address to the esp in my case.

What are the techniques to do so , please guide.
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By bobgardner
#77661 I see the name of my unit is ESP_A63390. After seeing that the mac address was 62-01-94 a6-33-90, it looks like the first 3 bytes are the ESP organizational identifier, last 3 bytes are the module number. Search for a mac address that starts with 62-01-94?