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By lucasromeiro
#79016 I have faced some problems in a product that is on the client, sometimes it's fatal exception. I want to get the >>> STACK >>> back to understand why.

But I have not found how I can make the ESP that is in the field to have access to this information or others that can help me in fatal exception problems or resets.

I already researched but only found how to read which was the exception that had that goes from 1 to 63. That does not help me much.

Can anyone help?
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By lucasromeiro
Pablo2048 wrote:Seems like you are very lazy to search for a solution...

Dude, it's not a matter of laziness.
I've been looking for a while and I've consulted some friends.
Unfortunately I did not find it.
I only got the number of the exception as I said.
Here is a forum where we also discuss the difficulties and help each other, I did not see a problem.
But if it's uncomfortable for you to help, you do not have to help.
Anyway, thanks for the help! It was what I needed.
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By Pablo2048
#79024 Yeah, right. I'm curious how exactly your google questions looks like that you didn't get any hints ;-) Anyway - beware of that this library has some glitch so it works, but in some cases it fails. If you spare some time to study how exactly this library works and do some _REAL_ research about SDK method used you definitely find where the problem is...