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By Hexor
#11216 Hi all,

I have a little problem that I can't resolve....

I have an esp01, with AT firmware, I can use a "get" (http) method to put data in database:
- in local (WAMP) no problem
- on thingspeak : no problem
But with a shared hosting provider ( it's not working !

Have you an idea of the GET request that I must send to the esp8266 for working fine ?
I have read that the host section is used in shared hosting for redirect the request to the good server, but it don't work for me ... :(

GET /page.php?field1=xxx
--> Work on local and thingspeak, but not on ovh

GET /page.php?field1=xxx HTTP/1.1
--> Same as above :|

Have you a solution ?
Thanks ! ;)
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By Hexor
#11283 Problem solved !

For the test I enter manualy the AT commands (with "tera term" under windows 7) and the problem is here !
I don't know why but if is the arduino wich send the get request: all is working !

The request:
GET /myfile.php?&field1=xxx HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\nConnection: close\r\n\r\n

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By anuprit
#39781 Hey Hexor! Can you please tell me how you sent data to a local server from esp.I am sending data to wampserver on my own pc but my data base is not updating.The commands i use are-
In reply i get - SEND OK
but my databse is not updated