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By lucasromeiro
#79617 Hello everyone!
I would like to discuss a subject.
The IDE!

I've always used the original Arduino IDE to develop my designs!
But today I have a very large and complex project. The Arduino IDE is very simple!

I need something more complete, with debug, auto complete, project control, version control, change ID, etc ...

I have read that some people use VSCode with the Platform.IO extension. (is it the best option? is compatible with everything)

I researched a little and watched some videos on youtube.
But I still do not know if I should migrate to VSCode.

I would like your opinion.
Which IDE do you use to program replacing Arduino?

If you use VSCode, what extensions do you use?

I'm waiting for my new computer to arrive to install and test.

Let's exchange information and help us!

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By QuickFix
#79647 I feel what you mean: I'm a Delphi (the Windows version of Pascal) developer by profession and I too miss the fancy gadgets "A real IDE" has in something like the Arduino IDE.
On the other hand: a cheap version of Delphi is somewhere in the region of $1500 while Arduino is free, so I understand it has to come from somewhere.

I've had a quick look at the Visual Studio solution a couple of months ago, but I remember reading that some very useful things (like flashing the ESP, monitoring the debug serial, ...) cannot be done from within the IDE and you have to resort to work-arounds.
In the end I lost interest (maybe also because I don't like VS that much) and moved on.

But that doesn't mean using VS is a bad choice (after all: I am biased). ;)
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By rudy
#79651 I also want a better environment than the Arduino IDE. I want to easily see underlying code, functions. Currently with the Arduino IDE is is a real pain to follow it back.

Since I'm not a programmer, I'm not familiar with what a professional developer IDE offers. Unfortunately I have not had the time to take a serious look into any non-Arduino IDEs.

Since I am only doing this for myself, nothing commercial, I am open to options with a free hobbyist license. Currently I have Visual Studio Community 2017 on one of my computers, but also have not had time to figure out how it all works.