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By McChubby007
#79880 Thanks for posting your results. I've never tried it with esp8266, only esp32 and that has less permutations regarding frameworks (only uses esp-idf), so doesn't have the downsides of your esp8266 findings.

It might be worth contacting the platformIO guys and see what they say, since their main goal was easy selection of all the various frameworks, SDKs etc.
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By lucasromeiro
#79941 Hello everyone!
Happy New Year!

Sorry for the absence in the thread. For some reason I did not receive notification in my email answers answers here.
I came in now and was happy with the amount of information!

McHubby007 wrote:

kenn wrote:

davydnorris wrote:

Thanks for the answers!
I read little about Eclipse, but I already knew a little about the environment in my university time.
I was surprised to learn of the integration with ESP!
Thank you!

quackmore wrote:

We are here to help us, it was a necessary topic. Thank you!!!
Post your progress here!
If you have questions or find something nice, post.
Will help us!
I'm starting too.

About my choice:

I decided to use VSCode with PlatformIO!
I've been using it since Christmas.
It took me a few days to figure out how to work, adapt my code and make the settings I needed.
But now it's working perfectly!
I found an AWESOME evolution compared to the Arduino IDE!
Totally recommend they use it. Everything works great!
Debug does not work for esp8266, only for esp32.
Also I could not integrate it with the Esp Exception Decoder. I'm still trying.
I was tempted to use Eclipse with peer testimony because of the advanced settings that could help me, though ... It's very unlikely I need to do a CORE setup or something.
So I think I'm on the best platform for my case.
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By McChubby007
#79945 I'm glad that we gave enough info for you to make an informed decision and that it is most likely the correct one.

It's good that you have explained your experience as this may help others to decide also. I think it is essential to make the decision early-on after the Arduino IDE has become tiresome as we all invest our time/effort into learning an IDE and it is painful having to change. I think I would have used platformIO immediately if it had been available when I started with esp8266. Once I move to esp32 work on platformIO I will most likely move all my esp8266 stuff over to it also.

Yes, unless you are planning to hack the esp core or use development versions not published in PlatformIO's database then it is definitely a more user friendly environment than Eclipse. I'm looking forward to doing some esp32 development with platformIO and the debugger as I have bought a JTAG adapter especially to work with it. See ... sting.html