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By leenowell
#79999 Hi all,

I am looking to implement a mesh network using ESP8266's. Looking at the following spec, this looks exactly what I need. ... /mesh.html

The main criteria is that they don't need to connect to a wifi router (besides the root node) and continually manage the mesh automatically.

Looking at the corresponding API documentation from here, ... _mesh.html

It looks like this is for esp32 only. I have seen the painlessMesh library but unfortunately this seems to require the nodes are connected to the wifi router.

Am I missing something? Is it possible to implement the mesh as described on an esp8266?

Thanks in advance for your help

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By martin_g
#80005 You might want to have a look into the "Automesh" feature of the esp_wifi_repeater: ... omesh-mode . Here, any node of the tree can reach transparently the internet via TCP/IP. However, no direct connectivity in between the node of the routing tree is possible.
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By leenowell
#80034 Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, my scenario requires edge devices to communicate via the mesh to the root and also vice versa so don't believe this would work unfortunately.

Thanks anyway.

I have come across mesh.h in my version of the SDK but can't find any further documentation nor the corresponding library/ source files in order to build with it. Anyone know?