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By Black3rror
#80070 hello everyone
from this link I understood that delay() feeds the WDT. so going further, founded this line which means delay uses yield() function and yield feeds the WDT.
what i want is, don't let the delay() function to feed the WDT.
why? for example i have something like:
Code: Select allESP.wdtFeed();

// part of sketch which should be executed less than 1 second so WDT won't reset the ESP
// end of this part of code


so i want WDT reset my ESP when that part of sketch takes more time than expected time. but if that part uses delay() function, its a big deal. also the ESP may go to infinite loop inside of that part but because we have delay() function inside of infinite loop, WDT doesn't work correctly.
whats solution?
thanx for answering.