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By Bonzo
#82269 By the time I went to bed last night I had two sketches working how I wanted them and when I went to try them this evening neither work!!!

I do not know where I am now as I doubt myself and have been making sketch changes and still nothing works; not even the Blink program.

Sometimes I hate electronics/programming and do not know why I do it :roll: I am close to selling up and getting another hobby; perhaps I should take up basket weaving.

EDIT: Out of interest the last time I had a problem like this I installed the "Arduino ESP8266/ESP32 Exception Stack Trace Decoder" But could not get that to work; I can't remember the exact reason it would not work. Something about not being able to find a file. I have the file in multiple places around my Windows setup now as recommended by various websites and it still will not work :? If anyone knows of a way to find out where the trace decoder is actually looking for the file it would be helpful.

Just had a look and: ERROR: xtensa-lx106-elf-gdb.exe not found!
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By rudy
#82277 I often keep sketches open for days. (along with 50+ browser tabs) And eventually the Arduino IDE can't find the components it needs. Then I shut down Arduino and open it up again, and then everything works again. Maybe you need to shutdown the application and restart it again if it has been open for a long time..
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By Bonzo
#82282 Thanks for the suggestion Rudy but it didn't help.

I assume somewhere along the line I changed something and saved it before testing. I will have to start a new sketch and insert bits to see where it goes wrong. Both sketches were versions of the same thing which is confusing as how did I corrupt both?
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By quackmore
#82293 this won't help but you are not the only one

sometimes trivial issues can drive you crazy ...

take a break and focus on something totally different, this usually works with me

but basket weaving ??? come on ...

and next time use git