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By laumung
#82819 Hello everyone, I have bought a ESP8266, But now I met some wired questions.
First my esp8266 is bought from digikey, and its model is WRL-13678 and manufacturer is SparkFun Electronics .
I connected the 3.3V, GND, RX and TX pin EN.
Now I met some problem. First, it is not working normally. I read the AT command by ARDUINO and can only get the reply command once. I used the USB_TTL converter CD340 to control the ESP8266, when the io0 and io2 is not connected. the computer can't recognize the connector. when the io0 and io are connected to gnd, the computer can connect to the converter but when send AT command to ESP8266, no response.
I know there many version of 8266, did anyone use the same 8266 as me? how to connect the esp8266 to the mcu and how to program it. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
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By rudy
#82829 Take a look at the wiki page on the very top of all the pages on this site. The information you need is available here .wiki/doku.php#at_command_set

When you ground the GPIO0 line the AT command set is not available. What you have done is put the module in bootloader mode. In this mode, when a new program is transferred to the ESP8266, it will overwrite the code that currently resides in the flash memory. The AT code will be overwritten. If you want to use the AT command set then you must have GPIO0 and GPIO2 at a logic high when the board is reset.

You said that you are using a USB_TTL converter to talk to the ESP-01 module. But how are you powering the ESP-01? You need to provide a stable power supply of 3.3 volts and capable of ~ 400mA.