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By dpotthast
#49572 I might have stumbled onto a solution, but I am a total newb to the esp. I thought I had a bad unit or that I bricked my esp-8266, but I was persistent.

I too sent the dreaded AT+IPR=9600 command and voila, I had a postage stamp sized paper weight. After a couple hours of searching I came across this ( page in Russian (use google translate) which is a tutorial for flashing the ESP 8266 (to SDK 1.5.4), with one small difference from most other tutorials, a call to put the blank.bin to address 0x7E000. I gave it a whirl and nothing seemed to change, until I re-flashed once more like normal and boom, the ESP was back in business.

Beginner luck? :ugeek:
Totally wrong about this? :roll:

I am willing to accept any of these, but it somehow worked for me.

Good luck to the next newb who sends that IPR command!

Below is paraphrased from the referenced page:
esp_init_data_default.bin -->0xFC000
Optional file vnem are placed by default RF settings

blank.bin--> 0x7E000
Initialize the field of flash memory user settings

Initialize the flash memory area of ​​the system parameters

\ bin>0x01000
\ Bin \ at \ 512 + 512