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By Stewart
#83125 We have tested this from all angles, using numerous different accounts to send from the ESP8266.
There is a definite 5 minute +/- delay in emails sent from our ESP8266 devices to Office 365.

Emails sent from any mail client like Opera mail, Yahoo mail,, webmail(using same email as ESP8266) are delivered to Office 365 in 2-3 Seconds.

Emails sent from the ESP8266 to webmail, Opera mail clients, etc. are delivered in a few seconds.

I have each of the ESP8266 email sending addresses added to the Office 365 Safe Senders list.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Is this a known issue?
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By rudy
#83131 The ESP8266 does not have built in code to send emails. So I expect whatever the actions are, would be dependant on the library/code used to implement the transfers. And you have not listed what code you are using so I think you might not get much response to your question.
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By AlexMinter
#83262 The sender receives a message like "Your letter has been sent", but in fact it is still hanging somewhere in the buffer and, looking at the clock, waits for the doors of the gateway to be opened and released. Well, or give the order to turn around to the starting position. There are so few delays in five seconds that you don’t have it at all, but a minute or two is more than enough.
You can send unlimited emails, but the problem will not be solved this way.