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By hosseinslz
#83416 I buy an ESP-10 module and I want to upload custom room to its flash. The problem is that there is no way to access GPIO 0 pin! Is there some way around it to upload custom room without connecting GPIO 0 to the ground? How in the earth should I program it without this pin? here is an address to supplier's page which contains schematic and some other details. ... escription
sorry posting it here, this forum is kind of weird I could not find out how to ask a question!
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By btidey
#83421 The short answer is you have to access GPIO0 to upload new flash data. So if this isn''t available on the edge then your only possibility would have been to connect to the chip. But I am not sure even that is possible as the board layout picture seems to show GPIO0 directly hard wired to Vdd.

I have never used this one; it looks even more brain damaged than an ESP--01.

I can only think that is intended for use with the supplied AT firmware set to respond to serial commands and not intended to be flashed.
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By rudy
#83426 If the ESP8266 was held in reset, then it would be possible to program the flash directly through the flash chip pins. Maybe a jig could be used with small pogo pins.

Yeah, pretty crazy to not expose GPIO0, even with just a pad. I would rather have GPIO0 available rather than reset.