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By spaceman
#83729 Wow,
so the whole story behind the ####KB+####KB Map is to allow OTA Update?

So like you said, If I don't use OTA, and always Flash my Programs (or SDK+AT Firmware) using a USB Cable and a USB<->SerialUART module,
then I don't need the second partition..

In that case, how do I tell the Flash tool not to Flash using 2 partitions?
When I select the needed files, the bin\at\ folder contains folders named 512+512 and 1024+1024,
it does not contain a folder named something like single512 or single1024..

And the files needed for a "NON-BOOT MODE" firmware seem not to exist anymore,
in the ZIP files of latest firmwares..
(I am talking for example about AT v1.6.2)
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By davydnorris
#83738 You shouldn't need to tell it - just flash what's there and it'll go into the first partition, leaving you to use the second as you wish.

But from what I know, the AT flash is pretty self contained and the extra space will never be used. I don't know for sure though as I use the NonOS and RTOS SDK
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By spaceman
#83739 I understand.

Thank you very much for clearing this up..

Allow me to verify, just to be 100% sure..

If I use the Flash tool, with "SpiAutoSet" in order to detect the amount of memory that my ESP8266 module/board has,
and the tool detects and selects the "32Mbit" option,
then it is up to me to decide If I want "32Mbit" or "32Mbit-C1"?

There is no situation inwhich the module/board's hardware requires only one of them to be used,
and the other will be a wrong value (which might cause problems)?