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By spaceman
davydnorris wrote:This question can't be answered without understanding how the author of the flash code decided to layout their partitions

For simplicity I only talk about Espressif's SDK+AT firmwares..

davydnorris wrote:but from what I know of the AT flash, you shouldn't have any problems

OK, that's interesting..

I was sure the non-C1 vs C1 are hardware properties.

there are situations where we cannot really choose.
For example,
If you have a 32Mbit module/board,
and you want to Flash it with ESP8266_NonOS_AT_Bin_V1.7.1,
then inside the ZIP file, in the bin\at\ folder, you will see this:


There's only a 1024+1024 option,
no 512+512 option,
so this means that some Firmwares dictate choosing only the "-C1" option..