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By stamy1
#84165 I have found a special application for my ESP12E module, an MIT program for an internet clock that is amazing. I would like to try it so that I connect all the wires. I connected my 0.96'' OLED 128x64 display and have modified the Adafruit_SSD1306.h in the proper resolution for my display and, finally, ran the program. I have been enthusiastic because all the setup for the clock is configured from an internet browser. I saw that for the first time... all previous programs demanded to put all this variables into a code. If I want to change my location (WiFi router), I have to reprogram it.
The problem is that I run the code and setup the WIFI, I make all the necessary adjustments that I want for the clock and I see the right time for my location(Country) in the display OLED. That happiness stays only for a few seconds because the ESP12E crashes and goes back to web server for the clock configurations. I push the "RUN" button in the webpage and it shows the time again for 5 seconds, when it crashes again
I post it here to find nice people to help me fix the problem because I love this code.
I have attached a photo of my ESP12E and OLED, and finally a copy of the report of serial port showing the crash. Without your help it would take me weeks of debugging to find the problem and my age let alone my work and family won't let me.
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