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By Zoran
#85505 Hi @btidey

i tried this but esp8266 smartconfig cant recognize my ssid (it shows unknown ssid) and i cant connect it

let me explain you from the begining
i bought ch340 usb programmer and esp8266 board with 2ch relays....first, i uploaded code from 1ch which was working and noticed that this code is not working with 2ch board...i cannot turn on/off any relays

so i probably with this upload deleted all what was on esp-01

and now what ever i tried to do, whatever code i tried to upload nothing is working

i cant find user guide or step by step (becuase i am fresh new) what code to upload first to esp-01 to get my relays 2ch to be working...i cant believe it that this is possible that i cant find it...

i dont know how to get this preloader code which was on esp-01 originally?

type of relay
1.Onboard ESP-01 WiFi modules and high performance microprocessor STM8S103 .

2 The module has 2 operating modes of work:
Mode 1: mobile phone is directly mounted on WiFi module.
Mode 2: mobile phones and WiFi modules are equipped on routers simultaneously
Additional function: it can also be used as USB relay when ESP-01 is pulled out.