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By Dirk Jan
#85737 I have 10 Wemos ESP8266 devices, programmed with Arduino, in my house that connect via Wifi with my domotica server.  They all connect through de Netgear R8000 at 2.4Ghz. Along with the ESP8266 devices, all phones and laptops in the house also connect via the R8000. Every few days, all ESP8266 devices are kicked out off the Wifi, disconnected (thus not functioning any more), and not allowed to reconnect. (the ESP8266 software detects the disconnect, and tries to reconnect without success). All other Wifi users (phones, laptops) do not have this problem. Only the ESP8266 devices. disconnect. All of them! A reboot of the R8000 is the only way to get them back.

I red about lowering the CTS/RTS on the R8000, which I did, to 2307. But still it happens.
Anyone an Idea how to solve this issue?

R8000 runs latest Firmware:
ESP8266 are various models, mostly Wemos D1 mini's running latest Arduino ESP8266 lib.
Configuration is that the R8000 is  in Access Point mode, via a Cisco Switch to a Draytek Firewall. The Draytek is also DHCP server, leasing the IP addresses  for 1 hour at a time. The ESP8266's are in a Bind IP to MAC list, so they have always the same IP. Not sure if that still is managed by DHCP or not. However, as the problem resolves soon as I reboot the R8000, I dont think the trouble is caused by the Draytek.
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By bra1n
#85740 I have a very similar setup and I've found the more recent R8000 firmware flakey at best so downgraded to v1.0.3.4 which according to online reports is reasonably stable. The reliability seems worse when under load so like you I've got mine set as an AP and disabled as many features as possible. I've also set my location to Asia to avoid problems with 5GHz performance when the router decides it's detected aircraft transmissions and disables some channels.