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By Arijeet
#88817 I am working on an ESP8266 ESP-12E WiFi Module to turn an LED on and off.

Yes, I was able to turn on/turn off the LED with the help of Wifiserver and NodeMCU.

The problem is I want to connect the NodeMCU with my local area network on the PC. My PC does not connect with Wi-Fi, only an Ethernet connection is present.

How can I connect the NodeMCU with my local area network connection,?

Briefing my problem-
See I am explaining in very simple terms, I am using Esp8266 Wifi Modular(12-E) (NODE MCU), in the program, I have used two types of internet connections,1) Turning on the wifi in my laptop .2) Turning on the Mobile hotspot.

I was successful to perform these two experiments.

But now in my personal computer, I don't have wifi options or mobile hotspot options, my internet is connected with a LAN port through a router. I am doing me in research in the institute, so my professor said to me suppose if you are anywhere on the campus and you are not connected with the same network, the same network which is your wifi modular (ESP 8266) is connected.

so you are not in the same network, you can't access the site or controller. so make the system in that in that way if an institute has an internet connection and providing to the internet through the LAN port in all the personal computer which is working in the campus, so if the user wants to use any system go the web browser and enter the IP address, easy control the system.

Hope you will understand the problem, now I have searched into the google, people are saying just try the port forwarding of the router, which states that in your router control panel (administration) you need to choose any random port number which will be assigned for your esp modular (8266), so if any user wants to access the esp modular, through that IP and port number it can access it.

I have explained everything. Now All Expertise you can correct me if I said anything wrong in the above-detailed problem, please give me valuable suggestions or ideas where I can work. please help me.