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By masterboy
#90209 Hi all,

I'm trying to program modules with ESP8266 chip using Arduino IDE. So far, I have tried the ESP-01 module and I am just trying to program the ESP-01S. I came across a problem with this module waking up from deep sleep mode. I have this simple code:

Code: Select all#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>

void setup () {
   Serial.begin (74880);
   Serial.println ("Test");
   ESP.deepSleep (60 * 1e6);

void loop () {

Of course I have GPIO16 connected to the RST pin. When the power supply is connected, the program starts and the text "TEST" is displayed in the console. Then the module sleeps for 60 seconds. After waking up, a message will appear and this will end:

Code: Select allets Jan 8 2013, rst cause: 2, boot mode: (3,6)

I have tested this code on ESP-01 and it works. Would anyone please advise me where the problem might be?
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By masterboy
#90220 If you mean the connection of GPIO16 to the RST pin located on the board, then this is realized by direct connection from the ESP8266 chip, see the picture. I have it done on the ESP-01 board as well, and here it works without a problem. Since I've been solving this problem for about a week, I found some advice on the Internet, but none of it helped. The only thing I found out is that the reset pulse that comes from GPIO16 to the RST pin is not the same as with the ESP-01. For the ESP-01 board, the pulse is approx. 200 us, but with the ESP-01S only about 2 us.
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By davydnorris
#90229 A direct wire like that can make flashing the chip difficult - best to use a zener diode, but if you're finding the pulse is too fast in your case you may even need an RC combo. Maybe try to find the circuit for this board to work out why the pulse is so quick?