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By aruneshdutta
#90212 I am designing a project where my need to control a 3-6V DC submersible pump using relay motor and LIPO battery, I am supplying voltage to relay using my MB102 breadboard power supply and dc pump through LIPO battery through relay module ,On pressing the push button of my MB102 breadboard powersupply the relay triggers and starts the pump and quickly turns off the .pump , pump is fine as checked earlier as well


My code
int relayInput = D2; // the input to the relay pin
void setup() {
pinMode(relayInput, OUTPUT); // initialize pin as OUTPUT
void loop() {
digitalWrite(relayInput, HIGH); // turn relay on
digitalWrite(relayInput, LOW); // turn relay off
I also tried making delay(60000) to wait for 1min but there is no outcome ..kindly help

image of circuit Image
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