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By vicdlr
#90519 Hi,

I just bought 3 pcs of ESP-01 together with USB to serial adapter. Testing it using the default firmware resulted in as follows:

1. Displays a few garbled characters then "ready" but inputting AT command does not result to anything, just the prompt returning to first column.

2. I tried flashing nodemcu_latest.bin dated 8/31/2015 and while it displays "lua: cannot open init.lua" it accepts entries and responds. However, what I need is the AT command as I just need the Esp-01 to send serial data via WiFi.

3. Then flashing it with AT22SDK100-2015-03-20-boot1.2.bin and *.3b.bin resulted in "MEM Check Fail !!!"

So I assume a have a good ESP-01s except that I have the wrong AT firmware to drive it.

Will appreciate any help pointing me to the right direction,
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By vicdlr
#90533 Flashing boot_v1.7.bin and went well however,
I get a "float division by zero" error when trying to flash the esp_init_data_default_v08.bin to 0xfc000