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By zacdaman
#90614 I have a Raspberry Pi controlling an RGB LED matrix display, which I would like to be able to stream video files to (using a flaschen-taschen server as described here). The video files will be low-res, only 144p max, .webm format, and I have an ESP8266 connected via UART to the Pi. Could I use the ESP as a bridge to enable streaming over the network from a PC, and would it be able to keep up with the required speeds? The max UART speed of the ESP I've read is over 4MHz, but surely this would effectively be reduced if it is alternating between UART and TCP/UDP transmission
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By QuickFix
#90630 I think it would be easier to use a Pi with a built in network adapter or use a WiFi dongle instead; the ESP is not really designed for "High" throughput data and dongle use (not impossible, but also not really practical).

Just my two cents. ;)