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By MollyJanet
#91319 Im looking to get an esp8266 controlling some pixel strips via a sensor.

I've got a wide range of sensors and box full of random arduino bits.

Would any one be able to help me? Are there any good guides about integrating sensors?

I am EXTREMELY new to arduino but very very familiar with pixel and LED. I install a lot of commercial projects for film/tv so its always off the shelf hardware.

Even if its just links to guides you have seen that would be amazing, im doing a terrible job at finding anything on google!

I have used wled in the past but always the precompiled image.

Thanks everyone :)
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By QuickFix
#91339 I suggest you start at the beginning
Grab some hardware and find code that will drive a string of LED's first.
Once you nailed that you can add sensor measurements and manipulate the LEDs accordingly.

Above an old test of mine from a couple of years ago using a WS2812B LED strip, a WeMos D1 Mini and a WeMos Power Shield with a standard sketch (strandtest.ino) from the AdaFruit NeoPixel library.
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By Bonzo
#91342 You can tell each LED what to do if you use a library. You build the command for the LED string and then send it.

This is a "clock" I made. The first two rows are the time and the bottom row is the current temperature. I have more LED's lit than I need too as it looked a bit boring.

You can add as many sensors as you like to the digital pins but you will probably only have one analog pin.

You can find tutorials for all this and just need to modify it for you needs.