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By pconst167
#91602 What I am looking for is a way for me to know from my CPU end, who the packets came from and all information about the packets. I want to be able to receive the packets and parse them myself. I want to write a TCP/IP Stack and parse the packets myself. Or something similar.

Is this possible with ESP8266 ?
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By pconst167
JurajA wrote:

Nope....... :/

I can already do this.

When I receive data on the ESP, all I receive is the actual data string. How is my CPU going to know who sent me that data? What IP did it come from? The ESP may know that deep down, but my CPU doesn't.

I need to receive that information. And I need to be able to tell the ESP to open and close connections such as telnet.

I need to be able to type a command such as "telnet x.x.x.x port" and have the ESP connect and open the socket.

The question is: can the ESP8266 do this without me having to write some kind of command interpreter for it?