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By Sirquil
#92639 Added RTSP video feed to my "RainGauge" project web site:

Video is captured by "Wyse Cam 3" feeding the "Unreal Media Server" running on Windows PC. HTML5 document embeds WebRTC Player; which, pulls "live" video feed from the UNS. Main Menu option "Camera View" of project website displays video feed.

Camera is a "Wyse Cam 3" capturing video of wetland and pond behind our home. Sunset today was 19:03 EDT.

"Wyse Cam 3" has excellent low light, color video capability! Camera requires RTSP firmware update from "Factory" firmware designed to work with "Android and "Cloud" service.

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By Sirquil
#92687 @QuickFix Thank you for the suggestion.

Camera back online.

While I was out of town; battery bank, charge was exhausted. Swapped battery banks today with a chargedone.

Looking at getting a Solar, tickle charger for a SLA battery. Would need to drop the voltage. Voltage regulator (LDO) or Buck voltage converter?