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By washburn_it
#93033 Hi,

I've built a small solar powered weather station equipped with an ESP8266 NodeMCU (by HiLetgo) and:

- HDC1080
- BMP280
- BH1750
- MAX17043
- INA219
- TP4056
- 18650 battery 2900 mAh

Everything is working but I noticed that the autonomy is not so long as I've read in other users projects with same hardware.
Data are collected every 10 mins (with battery >50%), 15 mins (battery <50%), 30 mins (battery <20%) and sent to another ESP8266 that "works" as remote display and then the "weather station" goes into deep sleep.
Today I wanted to check the consumption during the deep sleep and I measured (on the Vin pin) about 9 mA.
According to the datasheet (and a lot of articles) it should be 20 uA, so I tried to disconnect all of the sensors but nothing has changed.
So how much consumption should I expect from an ESP8266 NodeMCU into deep sleep in real?
Thank you, regards.

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By QuickFix
#93038 The NodeMCU is a development board: the whole design itself, without the ESP, already draws "A lot" of current on it's own (for instance the USB-TTL convertor, but also the voltage regulator are not very lean).

The µA ratings given at deep sleep are for an ESP8266 on its own without "Peripherals" attached.
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By Bonzo
#93040 If you search for "ESP8266 boards" on the web you can see most of the range.

So following what QuickFix said you want one without a voltage regulator and USB connection. The less parts on the board the more complicated it becomes to use. That is whiy the Wemos and node MCU's are good for beginners.

I have started using the esp-12f and in one project I used some pin headers and jumpers to allow it to be programmed via a USB > TTL lead. In another I use a adaptor board to program it and the relied on a OTA program to update. The problem with this if you have an error or the network details change it would be a pain to re program.

There are Youtube videos showing alternate methods to program an esp-12f; this is one but not the one I was thinking of which had more methods: