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By cgmckeever
#93380 Been tinkering with ESPs and Relays for a while. Usually always wall powered them and was happy.

Working on a small science project with the kid to make a ZOMBIE STROBE Distractor using the ESP01 and an LC Tech 4 Channel Relay Board.

Would like to battery power it for more than a few hours. Ill admit my ability to electronic is limited, and googling has left me more confused as to how to possible go about this.

Anyone have a good tutorial on battery powering ESPs or can offer some advice?
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By btidey
#93385 There are two aspects here.

a) Choice of battery and regulating to the voltage required (3.3V). Many would choose a rechargeable lithium based cell which gives voltages from 4.2V (full) to 3.4V (near empty. Size of battery will depend on mechanical constraints and the total battery life required. A low drop out regulator with low quiescent current can regulate to the 3.3V required.

b) Minimising current draw to extend battery life. Key here is to use deep sleep. Start with a tutorial like ... duino-ide/