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By pram18
#94950 Hi all

On a ESP8266 custom HW, is it possible to support Configuration of WiFi and MQTT from remote server on PC side - is it configurable from an external config tool running on a PC side ? maybe like a wifi client server way

if we want to configure some RF parameters like RSSI and so on ..

Also does ESP8266 inherently support MQTT and does the esp8266 need any other MCU support to work or is has inbuild MCU and work as a standalone ?

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By pratheek
#94952 You can surely configure WiFi and MQTT Parameters remotely from a server PC. Im not sure but Checkout Mongoose OS, it supports these features. You can always write your own code to handle this if you have the time.

RSSI cannot be configured. It can only be read. But you can set the transmission power on the module.

But the hardware and the esp core defintely support the features you are looking for.
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By pram18
#94963 Thanks for confirming

Let’s say we need to develop transmitter and receiver functionality for object detection over Wi-Fi and MQTT with a esp8266 and want to know what tools environments are necessary from expressif

For example esp Wroom2d board
Which compiler
Which debugger
Which set of libraries example emqtt

Do you have suggestions?

As much as possible I want licensed support and less open source to avoid risks of no support and so on

Preferably everything from expressif
Thank you