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By rooppoorali
#95518 Here you can see the connection: ... 8266-.html There are many more tutorials on the same subject. But they feature the later versions of Raspberry Pi. You can check those too. The connection must be similar.
However, you're using a very old Raspberry Pi. If you're interested to know about the latest version, you can see here: ... ry-pi.html
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By hiddenotebook
#95527 I know how to use a esp8266-01 I use it for many projects on arduino.

The question I have is how to use it to give internet connection to raspberry, and use it to navigate as if it were a usb wifi.

I do not know if you understand me. I don't want to use esp to connect the pi to the internet and view a web page with sensor data. I want to use the module to give wifi to the raspberry and browse see my mail see youtube and stuff.