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#95572 Now I've spend a very long time, trying to put into words, what I am thinking, but alas, after several rewrites, I've given up, so this will be a simple call for help.

I have a Shelly 1PM, with and ESP8266.
I need to connect to wifi, fetch the current local time (Central European), observing DST, and then fetch a json object, from a rest API. Truth be told, I don't care about the format. I can manage without fancy json libraries, I just want the data.

WiFi: Simple, Done, Working. I'm rather impressed to be honest.

Time: May or may not have found a working solutions.
Very little is explained, and I need to know that it works, also in 6 months, and of course I don't want to create an NTP server I do not need, on a device that doesn't actually keep time.

Data: Works, sort of. [solved]
I had hoped just using a plain old HTTP Request, but while it works, it does so throwing Exception 28: "A load referenced a page mapped with an attribute that does not permit loads". I understand the words, but not the meaning, and so, it would seem, is it the case with just about everybody else.
The explanation is nowhere to be found and the solution? Use HTTPS, while vastly increasing the complexity, adding a point of failure, should the host update their certificates, which of course they will.

This is not good enough, and I hope that someone here, can enlighten me, as to the best approach.

Of course there's much more to the project I have in mind, but it makes little sense to work any further on it, if the fundamentals are not in place. I need to be able to forget about it, expecting it to work, provided no hardware failures, of course, and the rest I can figure out for my self.

Thanks and best regards.