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By Rei Vilo
David Reid wrote:Hello EmbedXcode :) really like your stuff .. I wonder if it would be a large amount of work to add in the WeMos D1 board ? It's based on DSP8266 but has an Arduino footprint and built-in USB for loading. Is this available in the pro version perhaps ?


Sorry for the late reply. I'm going to investigate.
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By Rei Vilo
#69200 @David Reid

eX compiles and links successfully against the Wemos D1 R2.

However, I don't have the board at hand so I can't proceed and test the upload and run procedures.

Please open a ticket at the Help Desk.
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By Rei Vilo
#74468 Release 9.2.4 of embedXcode+ updates support for ESP32 boards.

embedXcode+ now supports two ESP32-based boards; the official ESP32 DevKitC and the Adafruit Huzzah ESP32.

The ESP32 platform requires a specific installation procedure detailed at Install the ESP32 Platform.