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By moelski
#15104 Hi !

I have some ESP-01 boards and would like to install the latest firmware (1.0.1 Beta).
In the readme there is a note:
*NOTICE*: If you use Esp Flash Download Tool, please MAKE SURE to choose FLASH SIZE to 8Mbit.

But my board always reports it has a 4mbit flash. :?

So is it possible to install the 1.0.1 firmware on the ESP-01 or not? My first try was a failure ... :cry:

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By moelski
#16515 No one has an answer for this?

Just got my ESP-12 Board running. And I got the same results:
2nd boot version : 1.2
SPI Speed : 40MHz
SPI Mode : QIO

SPI Flash Size : 4Mbit

So how is it generally possible to flash a 1.0.1 Firmware to the ESP?
I´m confused ..

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By tommybee
#16574 Look at this link, it's also discussed there: ... 0&start=10

In short, you have to install the ESP8266 SDK (esp_iot_sdk_v1.0.1_15_04_24) and compile the provided AT Code yourself by selecting the version without the FOTA-Option.
Otherwise the Flash Size of 4MBit=512KB is not enough as FOTA needs twice the space for downloading the update-files.
I did so and everything works fine. Forget about FOTA, for me it never worked.

How to setup the SDK on a Windows machine, a little tricky but it work s :mrgreen: :
The SDK works on lubuntu, a special linux provided by espressif.
So you first have to install a virtual machine with the lubuntu-vm.
Read the README.pdf from here, that should be enough, there are also all the Files you need for the vm: ... sp=sharing

Here's the latest SDK for download:

In there is a document folder and there you can find "2A-ESP8266__IOT_SDK_User_Manual__EN_v1.0.1.pdf"
That tell's you how to compile the AT without FOTA.
Give it a try, good luck...