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By martinayotte
#46092 Hi @Edzelf,

I've decided to give it a try, only with VS1052, no TFT.
But unfortunately, I've faced some exception-9 crashes. :o
Digging further, I found the glitch :

Code: Select all/**
 * Note:
 *  data need to be aligned to 32Bit
 *  or you get an Fatal exception (9)
 * @param data uint8_t *
 * @param size uint32_t
void SPIClass::writeBytes(uint8_t * data, uint32_t size) {

... and, effecttively, the buffer wasn't aligned ...
So, I've changed that, and now it is working ! :)

Here is the fix in handlebyte() :

Code: Select all<   static uint8_t  buf[32] ;                            // Buffer for chunk
>   static __attribute__((aligned(4))) uint8_t  buf[32] ;                            // Buffer for chunk
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By reaper7
#46214 @Edzelf - which one TFT_ILI9163C library You are using in this project? any link?
You wrote about changes inside TFT_ILI9163C.h and TFT_ILI9163C.cpp, can You explain this?

Some time ago I found TFT_ILI9163C lib by sumotoy: ... ease-1.0r6
and I use it on my other project with success
but I have problem with display text from ESP-radio...(text overlap)

text overlap -> this is problem with lib which I use:
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By danbicks
#46556 Hi @Edzelf,

Man you are a star, this is truly wicked. I have changed the default station list and have all my banging house and reggae stations on tap :)

Have you thought about implementing bass and treble EQ adjustment and a snazzier web interface?

Superb work mate, with Martins mod the radio streams with no crashing truly awesome :)