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By Mr.Morse
#15945 The ESP-01 that I have doesn't seem to like to be flashed for more than 20 seconds as it goes in timeout. Can't flash nodeMCU on any of the three esp-01 I have, all of them are behaving the same.
So far nodemcu flasher stops after 20 seconds.
Trying to revert back to original FW is not working;
Using esp8266_flasher.exe and various .bin files and I always get "Invalid head of packet" error.
XTCOM_UTIL stops during user1.bin at about 33732 B.
espressif's FLASH_DOWNLOAD_TOOLS_v0.9.5 also gives me "Invalid head of packet" error.
Also tested with with different power supplies for the 3.3v
I've tested the ftd232r with putty (jumper from tx to rx) and it works fine.
Yes, they did work before (checked with coolterm)

At this point I'm suspecting PEBKAC... :oops: :oops:

WTH am I doing wrong?
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By marin6061
#16036 Hi,
I have exactly the same problem with 2 sets, first set ESP-01 + usb to serial based on FT232R chip,
first I thought something wrong with this set, so I ordered another set from a different seller, but got exactly the same result