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By desertwalker66
#34852 I also had issues flashing MCU firmware onto esp8266 module using my Macbook (Yosemite). After coming to this page and using the advice of mr Morse it worked flawlessly.

I opened my terminal in mac, navigated to the folder containing ( e.g. Documents/Arduino/esptool/) and opened up the file with vim ( desertwalker+>: vim I changed the packet sizes from 1800 --> 180 & 400 --> 40

I then used the vim command :wq to write file and exit.
Returned to terminal and typed in command desertwalker+>:python --port /dev/tty.usbserial-A50285BI write_flash 0x00000 ~/Documents/Arduino/esp8266/nodemcu_20150127.bin or whatever is appropriate to you.( I saved the firmware bin file to esp8266 folder ).

As mentioned, not a falter. Just wanted to say thank you to Mr Morse for your help, saved me heap um big hassles.
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By oscarute
Mr.Morse wrote:This is what I did to flash my ESP8266 - 01 from my windows pc
- Wire it up like this
- Install python 2.7 download here
- Install pyserial download here
- Download to the from here save it in the pyton installation folder
- Download nodemcu_latest.bin from here and save it in the python installation folder

- Edit so that:

- Open cmd and go to the python folder and type in this (change the COM7 to whatever your FTDI is) -p COM7 write_flash 0x000000 nodemcu_latest.bin

Thanks, It's working but I had to change to lower baud rate...
ESP_ROM_BAUD = 74440