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By tytower
#16438 I bought some of theses and try to get going . ... 3729387019

Newest ESP8266 Serial Long Range Wireless WIFI Transceiver Module Receive ESP-12
Product Details:
ESP-12 Wireless WIFI Transceiver Module
Condition: New
Size: 16 x 24mm
Interior LWIP agreement
Support: AP,STA,AP+STA co-existence model
AT order, let your development become more easy
Color is shown as pictures
PLS NOTE that due to lighting effects, monitor's brightness/ contrass settings ect, there could be some slight differences in the color tone of the pictures and the actual item!

Package Included:
5 x Wireless WIFI Transceiver Module

Wired to FTDI cable I toggle power on and get a blue light solidly. Nothing comes through the serial terminal that I have seen on 9600 and up .

When I type AT and hit send the solid blue light goes out . It comes back on again if I disconnect and reconnect the power.

Anyone can tell me what is happening here?
Perhaps I have to flash some code to it first ?
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By tytower
#16517 OK moved on a bit now
Rebuilt the module connections to the breadboard properly so all pins broken out
Followed the page here

Started getting results as the wiring setup of ESP_12 is different with pin GPIO15 brought out.

So results wre
-Thinker Technology Co. Ltd.

AT version:
SDK version:0.9.5

Now this is fine except there seems to be a problem with AT+LAP
It gives an error so I got command wrong . It is AT+CWLAP. Works fine with that
I tried to connect to my modem but as I don't have a password set on it I had nothing to put in the password field . It seems to need one and does not accept a null or space
AT+CWJAP=“MESSID”,” “ didn't work AT+CWJAP=“MESSID”,”“ did work after all

There is no 32 bit git hub *8266/Arduino yet but I think he's working on it.
Ill update here as I get more to work. See below for 32 bit 1.6.4 download with library installed that works

Picture of board and connections attached also
Breadboard adaptor made from solid wires (packet of joiners acctually but telephone solid works as well . Make sure it fits into holes on module then start with an 8 pin header in a breadboard and solder 8 wires to the tops first . Same for other side . Then bend how you want them and then solder into module worked for me. Unless you have very good eyes use solid wire . Multistrand is too easy to get a strand shorting it . After all it is rigid once in the breadboard.
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By tytower
#17119 This tar.gz file installs Arduino IDE 1.6.1 with a working library for this chip on 32 bit Arduino IDE's
Looks like it is a bit big

Here is the Dropbox link: ... ar.xz?dl=0

Thanks "ernibernie"