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By scargill
#1686 More confusion... I have a program pressing buttons and turning a light on - if I've done that too fast in the past I've had the dreaded "busy...p" every time - now with the new update it's changed - to ready.. was that intentional?


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Sending AT+CIPSEND etc



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By spacejunkie
scargill wrote:more discoveries.. after the AT+RST it now reverts back to 9600

Yes, that's how it's designed. It does not save the baud preference as of now. But I guess, if the external micro controller sets the baud as part of the initialization procedure, it should not be a problem. But let me see how much effort saving the baud rate is going to take, I guess not much.

scargill wrote:after a following AT+GMR it goes back to 115,200... that can't be right....

I haven't seen this happen. The only automatic baud rate change you would experience is when you change the baud to something other than 9600 and upon reset, it is restored to 9600. It would never automatically change to 115200.

Can you check again?

After flashing the firmware, power down the chip and power up with appropriate settings on MTD0, GPIO0 & GPIO2
Set up your APN details and Restart the module with AT+RST
Check if the module has received an IP from your APN (It will show two IPs if you are using Station + softAP mode, check if the station IP is valid)
Proceed with using the module.

I sometimes have had to restart / power cycle the module more than once after firmware upgrade to get it to work right.

What is the exact part number of your ESP8266 chip?

Also, I think you are comparing the behavior of the firmware with one that has the CIOBAUD command. That is not the official firmware so can't say anything about differences in output. I try to not touch the official AT Commands and add a X prefix to all new commands. This way, you get identical behavior from the standard commands irrespective of whether you are using the official firmware or the modded one.
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By spacejunkie
#1719 Ok, here's an update that remembers the baud rate across power cycles :)

NetIO has been enabled so you can benchmark the throughput of your ESP8266!

If you had flashed the previous version, you can just run AT+CIUPDATE to get the this version. The version number won't change in AT+GMR, this is intentional. However, you will see "NetIO Enabled" at start-up.
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