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By Sprite_tm
#2104 gipmad: Seems there's something wrong with the code that copies the AP data to something the CGI uses... perhaps the struct containing it is changing under the nose of the CGI, I'm not sure. You may want to compare the n in that loop to cgiWifiAps.noAps; if n is bigger, that is what happens.

rudi: The fast refresh gives no response thing seems to be something caused by me not handling the reconnect callback, mostly because the documentation is not clear on what the hell it is. My intent was to figure that out now the lwip sources are in the clear, but I've been busy as hell with other projects and the talk for HaD Munich, so I haven't been able to look at it yet.
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By gipmad
#2122 Mh... I don't know what happened, I was adding printfs around, and now it suddenly works. Even after removing them. My guess would be that there was some broken configuration causing trouble. I would erase all the flash before writing this FW if this problem occurs again, or maybe just holding GPIO0 down will work.
Now off to experimenting! :mrgreen:
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By tyleroderkirk
johnnyfp wrote:Any chance you can include the already compiled [...]


I've uploaded the three firmware binaries to this Google Drive folder

Don't forget the flash the "webpages" binary as per the makefile or else you'll get "Magic mismatch. EspFS image broken."

Enjoy - sprite_fs did a great job on this!

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By sancho
#2153 THANKS a lot!
I downloaded the 3 files, used a small script for upload:
Code: Select all#!/bin/bash


$ESPTOOL --port $ESPPORT write_flash 0x00000 0x00000.bin
sleep 3
$ESPTOOL --port $ESPPORT write_flash 0x40000 0x40000.bin
sleep 3
$ESPTOOL --port $ESPPORT write_flash 0x12000 webpages.espfs

And now I can enjoy the images of the cats (I could have live without) and the working LED on GPIO2 (I could not live without).
I would appreciate someone updating the wiki - the current SDK is not working according the guidelines and the AT example is missing totaly...

Again, thanks a lot.