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By Angelo Santagata
#22091 Alas I no, but I happened to see this ESP8266 SSL Example on their website!

hopefully someone can port it to the SDK


Looking at this githib issue it might be that the standard Arduino SDK supports SSL!!!

Give it a whirl and let us know
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By abl
#24589 SSL works. Sort of.

It is not in the Arduino-based SDK yet.

Depending on your point release of the IoT SDK, and whether you patched libssl, and what SSL handshake your server supports, you MIGHT be able to connect via SSL.

However, libssl is based on AxTLS, and AxTLS caps out at TLSv1.1 - and TLSv1.2 is the current/modern version. "Luckily" lots of popular devices and browsers require TLSv1.1 so you're ok for now.