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By holopaul
#82336 Hi!
Me again.
I'm having this annoying problem. I'm bootstrapping a custom config to 0xfa000 and it works just fine until i try to change something in the config from the CLI. For example i tried to set the baud rate to another value. If i do a "config-dump" i get this :
fuart.baud.0=14400 (14400/14400/0x3840)
total config entries: 1, flags: 4102"

Before this the cd looked like this:
Code: Select allcd
flags=16642 (16642/16642/0x4102)
wlan.mode=0 (0/0/0x0)
bridge.timeout=0 (0/0/0x0)
cmd.timeout=0 (0/0/0x0)
io.1.1.mode=5 (5/5/0x5)
io.1.1.llmode=4 (4/4/0x4)
io.0.3.mode=8 (8/8/0x8)
io.0.3.llmode=7 (7/7/0x7)
io.0.1.mode=8 (8/8/0x8)
io.0.1.llmode=7 (7/7/0x7)
bridge.port=23 (23/23/0x17)
io.0.4.mode=6 (6/6/0x6)
io.0.4.llmode=5 (5/5/0x5)
io.0.4.outputa.lower=0 (0/0/0x0)
io.0.4.outputa.upper=4294967295 (-1/4294967295/0xffffffff)
io.0.4.outputa.speed=0 (0/0/0x0)
io.0.5.mode=6 (6/6/0x6)
io.0.5.llmode=5 (5/5/0x5)
io.0.5.outputa.lower=0 (0/0/0x0)
io.0.5.outputa.upper=4294967295 (-1/4294967295/0xffffffff)
io.0.5.outputa.speed=0 (0/0/0x0)
io.0.12.mode=6 (6/6/0x6)
io.0.12.llmode=5 (5/5/0x5)
io.0.12.outputa.lower=0 (0/0/0x0)
io.0.12.outputa.upper=4294967295 (-1/4294967295/0xffffffff)
io.0.12.outputa.speed=0 (0/0/0x0)
io.0.14.mode=6 (6/6/0x6)
io.0.14.llmode=5 (5/5/0x5)
io.0.14.outputa.lower=0 (0/0/0x0)
io.0.14.outputa.upper=4294967295 (-1/4294967295/0xffffffff)
io.0.14.outputa.speed=0 (0/0/0x0)
pwm.width=10 (10/10/0xa)
io.0.2.mode=11 (11/11/0xb)
io.0.2.llmode=7 (7/7/0x7)
io.6.0.mode=6 (6/6/0x6)
io.6.0.llmode=5 (5/5/0x5)
io.6.0.outputa.lower=0 (0/0/0x0)
io.6.0.outputa.upper=4294967295 (-1/4294967295/0xffffffff)
io.6.0.outputa.speed=0 (0/0/0x0)
io.6.1.mode=6 (6/6/0x6)
io.6.1.llmode=5 (5/5/0x5)
io.6.1.outputa.lower=0 (0/0/0x0)
io.6.1.outputa.upper=4294967295 (-1/4294967295/0xffffffff)
io.6.1.outputa.speed=0 (0/0/0x0)
io.6.0.flags=128 (128/128/0x80)
io.6.1.flags=128 (128/128/0x80)
io.0.0.mode=3 (3/3/0x3)
io.0.0.llmode=3 (3/3/0x3)

total config entries: 50, flags: 4102

I think is from the way I bootstrap the config. I'm using sublime text as editor.

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By eriksl
#82348 Hmmm interesting.

Does the bootstrapped sector have exactly one empty line at the end? E.g.
Code: Select allline1\n

Are there no other control characters, like carriage return (CR, 0x0d, 13) in the sector? All lines should be terminated with only a newline (NL, 0x0a, 10).