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By Rithep
#22875 Hi !

I have an ESP8266 (NodeMCU v1) connected to my home Wifi, but i'm having troubles connecting it to any LAN device, in fact the connections simply fails :/

But it does not fails everytime, sometime it works when I change the ESP's static IP, but when I restart it, it stops connecting... weird.

It does works very well with an old Netgear router, but not with my ISP's router (Orange).

I don't know if it's really related to the ESP itself but I think so because others LAN devices has not difficulty to communicate with each other.

I'm using the latest Arduino IDE for ESP8266 (with the latest SDK I guess?) and a sample code (connect to a web server then do a GET request).

Any help would be appreciated :(

Thank you.
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By Rithep
#23185 It's a rebranded Sagem router (dont't know the model).

I've made some tests, it appears that my ESP cannot, most of times, communicates with devices connected to 5ghz wifi (my router provides both 2.4 and 5) nor wired LAN, but has no problem with 2.4ghz devices.

So when connecting my Macbook to 2.4ghz wifi, I have no problem communicating with the ESP.

My computer can access any LAN and WLAN device whatever that it's connected to 2.4 or 5ghz wifi, or wired LAN.

It could be the router having issues "bridging" its interfaces but as I said I don't have the problem with my others devices :/