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By reaper7
#1655 @Sprite_tm - impressive!!!

good start point to play with simple webcam (esp8266 + uart camera vc0706) ... index.html
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By jonsmirl
#1670 If you want a more full featured web cam check this one out: ... 21486.html

It runs Linux and can be hacked. The whole build environment is in a SDK on Baidu.
That one does 720P. Pay $5 more and it will do 1080P.

USB is exposed and you can wire over to $3 USB stick. Plus it has Ethernet native.

It uses a Hisilicon Hi3518. 440Mhz ARM9 with 256MB of POP DRAM.

You need to separately order a lens with a CS mount. They start at $2 and go up to $200 if you want to spy on something five miles away.