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By owendelong
#24637 Does anyone know of an IPv6 implementation for ESP8266?

I've got several use cases where my customers are now insisting that the product support IPv6. (IPv4 optional in most of these cases).

I can accept either a dual-stack library or an IPv6-only drop-in replacement for the current LWIP library, but I need something that supports IPv6.

While my customer may be on the leading edge for this need, the reality is that the world is almost completely out of available IPv4 addresses (ARIN has fewer than 65,536 remaining in their free pool, RIPE, APNIC have been out for years, LACNIC is basically out, AfriNIC has a free pool, but only because IP deployment in Africa is lagging the world).

IPv6 is necessary for any product to have any longevity. Especially in the IoT/connected sensor world where the ESP8266 is so ideally suited.
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By jayeye
#31991 As far as the Arduino sdk is concerned, it appears that they still use the lwip library, but it comes precompiled; look in esp8266/hardware/esp8266/1.6.5-947-g39819f0/tools/sdk/lib

A bit of googling shows that people have added v6 functionality to lwip, but it's still not shipped by default.
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By owendelong
#32075 Thanks for confirming what I found before posting.

The LWIP library for the ESP8266 that ships with Arduino cannot be built from source outside of Espressif. There are underlying library dependencies that Espressif only provides in binary form.

It would be much better if Espressif fully open-sourced their libraries, but failing that, we're going to need Espressif to actually implement IPv6 for the chip.
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By martin_g
#70806 This thread is quite old and in the meantime we have an open lwip and FreeRTOS which at least is reported to have IPv6 support. Has anybody any experiences with that? Has it been running anywhere? Problems?