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By desertwalker66
#34856 Hello Everyone,

I too was having this issue, but found an answer from another post on this forum by mr Morse.

Navigate to your file and open it up with your editor ( I used vim, as I am using the terminal on my Mac).

you will see 2 lines

Line 43 ESP RAM BLOCK =0x1800 //change this to 180
Line 44 ESP RAM BLOCK =0x400 //change this to 40

save the file, and try again.

This worked for me today. Spent hours trying to get it to work, edited the file as described and presto, first time.

Hope this helps...
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By abhishekborar
#38526 Hello,

Solved the issue by flashing using the NodeMCU Flasher utility instead

In the config tab set 0x00000.bin to 0x00000 and 0x40000.bin to 0x40000
The *.bin are compiled binaries of the firmware

After a successful flash, the esptool flasher works normally